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训练 1
(对应学生用书第 153 页) Ⅰ.阅读理解
【导学号:38144038】 A (2017·浙江杭州二中模拟) Many years ago,my mother read from the book Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey to me.I remember as if it were yesterday,hearing her voice at my side on a cold wintry night.My mother's voice changed my world. Long before I could read on my own,she shared with me the strength and beauty of MeCloskey' s language — a story of a little girl and her mother out in nature,co? existing with a mother bear and her own baby.The power of the story,of language and of my mother,all came together.And it happened many times after that,over and over.The read aloud made me a reader. Years later , I was reading aloud a picture book to a small child in a classroom.His life,so far,had not been easy.His childhood was troubled by poverty and loneliness.In that moment,in the joy of the read aloud,he had an idea that started something big. What he said was this:“Mrs.Allyn,let' s make sure everyone knows how good this feels.Let' s have a holiday for the read aloud.”Therefore,my organization, LitWorld,created a grassroots movement World Read Aloud Day in 2010 to honor this young boy's wish for everyone to be able to have a read aloud every day. Since the day he shared that good idea with us,World Read Aloud Day has become a worldwide event reaching over one million people in more than 65 countries around the world.This year we are over 600 cities strong,a number that is growing every day. Children who grow up as readers become engaged citizens of the global world, and every child deserves the right to read.When I say that reading aloud will change


the world,I know it sounds simple.But one of the many great things about giving kids

access to the power of stories and sharing them together is that it is simple.It is also cheap and easily done.And the impact is huge. 【语篇解读】 本文是记叙文.文章讲述了世界大声朗读日的创建及发展.你知道


1.How did the author's parent change her life?

A.By reading aloud to her.

B.By listening to her reading.

C.By buying many books for her.

D.By encouraging her to read aloud.

A [考查细节理解.由第一段末的 hearing her voice at my side on a cold wintry

night.My mother's voice changed my world 可知,作者的母亲给她大声朗读改


2.What does the underlined part“an idea”in Paragraph 3 refer to?

A.To start a holiday.

B.To reduce poverty.

C.To found LitWorld.

D.To overcome loneliness.

A [考查篇章结构.由第三、四两段尤其是第四段开头的 Mrs.Allyn,let's make

sure everyone knows how good this feels.Let's have a holiday for the read aloud 可推断,划线部分指代创办一个关于大声朗读的节日.]

3.What can we know about World Read Aloud Day from Paragraph 5?

A.Its origin.

B.Its future.

C.Its purpose.

D.Its development.

D [考查段落大意.由第五段可知,该节日自创办以来已经迅速成为一个世界


B (2017·浙江绍兴仿真模拟)

Almost everyone agrees on the hot dog basics: a long bread roll with a hot sausage inside it.And that' s what has led to a big question — is a hot dog a sandwich,



or is it in a special category of its own? “People have really strong opinions on both sides,”says Eric Mittenthal,

president of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC).In November,the

council published an official announcement ruling that the hot dog is not a sandwich.It argues that the hot dog is too significant to be considered“just a

sandwich”. The council admits that the hot dog was once the “Frankfurter(法兰克福

香肠) sandwich,”but says that people no longer use that name.Today,no one would

call a hot dog eating contest a sandwich eating contest. But others disagree.The U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA) includes a

sausage inside a bread roll in its sandwich category.But it also calls the food a“sandwich type product”.In May,dictionary publisher Merriam?Webster said that

the hot dog is a sandwich.The Merriam?Webster's Collegiate Dictionary,11th

Edition,defines a sandwich as“two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a

filling in between” or“one slice of bread covered with food”.The announcement

fueled a heated debate among hot dog fans.If hot dogs are sandwiches,where do you

draw the line? Are burritos (玉米馅饼) sandwiches too?

This debate won' t stop Americans from eating piles of hot dogs this summer.During peak hot dog season — from Memorial Day to Labor Day —

Americans will eat about 7 billion of them.That's 818 hot dogs consumed every second.People love hot dogs so much that in 2015,a hot dog emoji (a small image

used in electronic communications that symbolizes something) was released so people can easily tweet or text an image of the famous food.This may come in handy soon,

since July is National Hot Dog Month. 【语篇解读】 本文是议论文.美国人就他们钟爱的热狗是否属于三明治这一问


4.Who thinks that the hot dog is special enough to be in a category of its own?



C.The author.


B [考查细节理解.由第二段中的 the council...argues that the hot dog is too

significant to be considered“just a sandwich.”可知,该委员会即 NHDSC 认为,


热狗太特别了,不应该归到三明治里,应当属于独立的类别.] 5.What do some hot dog fans think of the definition of a sandwich in the mentioned dictionary?
A.It seems too wide. B.It is quite satisfactory. C.It is obviously too narrow. D.It is difficult to understand. A [考查推理判断.由第三段末的 The announcement fueled a heated debate among hot dog fans.If hot dogs are sandwiches,where do you draw the line?Are burritos sandwiches too?可知,热狗迷们质疑如果热狗属于三明治,那么三 明治的定义的界限在哪里呢?玉米馅饼是否也属于三明治呢?显然,他们认 为该字典上的定义似乎太宽泛了.] 6.What can we learn from the release of a hot dog emoji? A.The emoji is beautiful. B.The emoji is interesting. C.The hot dog is very popular. D.The hot dog is world famous. C [考查细节理解.由最后一段中的 People love hot dogs so much that in 2015,a hot dog emoji...was released 可知,热狗表情符号的发布说明热狗很受 欢迎.]
C 【导学号:38144039】 If you are like most people,chances are that you have experienced déjàvu (似曾 经历过的感觉).For most people,the feeling is sudden and temporary.But for a 23? year?old British patient it lasted for over eight years. The young man's symptoms began in 2007.While he had always suffered from anxiety,his condition worsened when he entered university.By 2010,the young man's symptoms had become so severe that he had given up watching television,listening to the radio and reading newspapers. Christine Wells,a researcher who led the latest study says that they couldn't find any signs of neurological problem in this young man's case.Thus,long déjà vu is a


side effect for people that suffer from severe anxiety. Fortunately these cases are rare.According to researchers,the part of the brain

that plays an important part in memory is responsible for the feeling.However,its

sudden and unforeseen occurrences make it impossible to find out the exact cause of d éjà vu.There are a few theories that have been put forth.

Psychologist Dr.Akira O'Connor believes it occurs when the part of the brain that sends signals related to familiarity and memory doesn't work temporarily and sends

them out of turn.Professor Anne Cleary thinks that it occurs when a person encounters something that is really familiar like the shape of a structure or the way a room is laid out.This causes the brain to believe that it has seen it all before,creating a sense of dé

jà vu.

So the next time you experience that strange feeling of “already seen”,take a

moment to reflect on one of these theories.Maybe you can help researchers find out

the reason behind this phenomenon. 【语篇解读】 本文作者从一个英国人患病的症状导入,介绍了跟“似曾经历过


7.What do we know about the British patient's déjàvu?

A. It is sudden and temporary. B.It has stopped him from studying.

C.It has little effect on his life.

D.It may be caused by his severe anxiety.

D [考查推理判断.从第一、二段的内容和第三段的“Thus,long déjà vu is

a side effect for people that suffer from severe anxiety.”可知,这个英国人的病

症可能是由他的重度焦虑引起的.故答案选 D 项.]

8.Professor Anne Cleary's analysis of déjàvu is based on the fact that

A.some parts of people's brain don't work properly

B.human brains often send some signals out of turn

C.people often have a bad memory for their experience

D.something people meet with causes illusions in their brain

D [考查细节理解.从倒数笫二段的“Professor Anne Cleary thinks that it

occurs when a person encounters something that is really familiar like the shape



of a structure or the way a room is laid out.”可知,Anne Cleary 教授认为这种现

象往往发生在人们遇到熟悉的东西的时候.故答案选 D 项.]

9.What does the author want to say in the last paragraph?

A. We should learn to reflect on what we have experienced. B.We can help researchers develop another theory about déjà vu.

C.We are able to give a hand in finding the reason for déjà vu.

D.We may help a lot uncover the mysterious work of the human brain.

C [考查推理判断.从最后一段的内容可知,人们在产生这种感觉时,可以留


案选 C 项.]

10.What is the purpose of this passage?

A.To report some studies about déjà vu.

B.To seek some solutions to déjàvu.

C.To call on people to fight against déjà vu.

D.To introduce a British patient of déjà vu.

A [考查写作意图.通读全文可知,作者从一个英国人患病的症状导入,介绍

了跟“似曾经历过的感觉”这一现象相关的研究内容.故答案选 A 项.]



It's time to head off to college,and you're getting ready to finally leave the

nest.But wait,who are right there next to you packing up their stuff? Surprise! 1

In a surprising new trend in the US,parents are following their children to

college by either moving to the same town or buying a second home in the area. 2 Chicago,US 11th?grader Daera Thomas said her mom is strongly

considering moving with her wherever she goes,but she would rather experience

college on her own.“ 3 I don't like the idea of losing that freedom,”

Thomas said. 4

Danielle Marks,a 12th?grader,said she's comfortable with her

parents' decision to build a vacation home in Palm Beach,Florida.It is about an hour

away from her future school,the University of Miami.“ I know that my parents are


going to give me my space so that I can have the full college experience.I plan to join them on breaks,but I will spend my weekends on campus doing activities,”Marks said.
At the end of the day,it's up to each family to decide how to best handle the separation that comes with graduation. 5 Whichever way a family chooses to handle the separation,there are always lots of ways to make it work for both students and parents.
A.But not all students are against the idea. B.It's Mom and Dad — they're moving with you to college! C.A big factor(要素) of college is being on your own for the first time. D.My dad is going to visit me as much as possible because it's just a four-hour
ride away. E.While having parents nearby might have benefits,some students fear they
could lose the freedom that comes with college. F.Even for those who aren't planning to move closer to their children,there are
still ways to stay close throughout the change. G.Some parents settle for buying an apartment or a house for their children with
a second bedroom for themselves when they're in town. 【语篇解读】 本文对父母该不该陪同子女上大学这个话题展开了讨论. 1.B [本空是一个总起句,用来引入本文的话题,在这里起到承上启下的作用,
故选 B.] 2.E [本空是段落主题句,由其后举例提到的“the idea of losing that freedom”可
知,该段强调父母陪伴上大学可能会让子女失去自由,故选 E.] 3.C [本空是句中连接句,由上文提到的“experience college on her own”和下文
的“losing that freedom”可知,大学的一大要素是自由,故选 C.] 4.A [本空是段落主题句,由其后所举的 Danielle Marks 的经历可知,她不反
对父母的陪伴,故选 A.] 5.F [本空是句中连接句,根据下文的“Whichever way a family chooses to handle
the separation”可知,即使不陪伴子女上大学,(父母)仍然有很多方式来与子 女保持联系,故选 F.]